Chad & Elise Married! | A Hollyfield Manor – Manquin, VA Wedding


August 23, 2019

When I posted the smaller sneak peek of this wedding to FB, I said that if this wedding were to have had a theme song, it would have been “Easy like Sunday Morning”. Chad and Elise were the dream wedding clients. Laid back from the get go. I mean, they stole my heart when they sent me a picture message of their incredibly handsome cat holding a message saying “Will you be my parent’s wedding photographer”. As a bonus, however, they were just all around awesome people. During their engagment session a series of unfortunate events prevented us from doing the whole thing in one day; Construction at our second location and insane traffic. They were kind enough to schedule the rest on a different day. They didn’t even bat an eye at it. During the wedding planning Elise ran questions by me to ensure best light and easy flow to the day. I will admit my error here, and on their wedding day I panicked a little thinking the sun was setting faster than it was and pulled them away from their dinner early. If they were frustrated with me, they never let it show and we banged out some awesome sunset photo’s on half empty stomachs.

Hollyfield, as usually didn’t dissapoint! Impeccable grounds, gorgeous scenery, and awesome staff – It’s why it is one of my favorite venues! The ladies at King William Florist added their magical touch and provided the florals to make everything perfection!

Chad and Elise, I truly felt honored to work with such wonderful souls. You have been the clients of my dreams and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to share this amazing day with you!


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