Kati and Joey Married! An Indian Creek, Lancaster VA Wedding


September 6, 2019

Oh this girl. This sweet sweet beautiful woman. I first met her when she was a Senior and we did her Senior Session. I was totally blown away by the beautiful heart she had. Not only her, but her mother, too. Over the years I’ve worked with her whole family for various events, and bonded with thier adorbale guinea pig 🙂

Kati immediately reached out when she got engaged. I was booked on the date they had picked for their wedding but she still wanted me to do their engagement session. It was the first time I met Joey and I saw a Kati in a different light. Not as a young girl, but as a woman, and a woman in love. I liked Joey right away and saw the connection between them.

They met at Camp Pianktiank where they were/are both counselor’s. If I remember the story correctly, I don’t think these two liked each other very much, or at least Kati didn’t really care for him… LOL… The absolute BEST love stories start that way. After and evening of being pretty much forced together, that was it. He knew he wanted to marry her, and told a friend as much. and welp… here we are.

Some of their plans changed and I was able to be a part of their wedding day. I can’t tell you how happy I was to get that message. My heart had broken at the thought of another photographer spending the day with them. This precious family, the amazing young woman, this perfect couple were MINE. LOL

Kati, I love you girl! I am so thankful for you and the journey we’ve shared! I am so happy you have found this joy! No one deserves it more! XOXO

I was stunned at the sunset that evening! I was so happy Kati and Joey agreed to leave their party for a few minutes to grab these photos! <3

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