William & Carrie Married! | A Grace Church/Beth Page Wedding


October 17, 2019

I consider myself an old hat with these Somers boys by now! 3/4 with 4/4 happening next spring! I ALWAYS know I am in for fun, suprises, and shenanigans when working with this crew… Thank goodness for their women… mom included, who helps keep a tight ship when it’s needed!

I’ve known William from his brother’s weddings. I’ve known Carrie since she was little; our mother’s taught together at LPS years ago. Of course, she was so young she didn’t remember me… lol… but there was common ground and made getting to know each other easier. It didn’t help that their engagment session was FA-REEZING. The getting to know you process was a bit hindered… lol. I got to see her on and off over the past year through other weddings, and wedding events for mutual friends.

This small town makes weddings like this SO FUN for me! Familiar faces are everywhere! I get to sneak hugs from past AP Brides, their families, and people I’ve known my whole life. They are always there to offer support and make sure I’m hydrated! It can be challenging later in the evening when the drinks have been flowing and they’re trying their hardest to drag me on the dance floor and my protests fall on deaf ears. It’s work… but it is entirely fun, too.

The day went beautifully. The only hiccup being the Four Sons boat refusing to move from the dock and the entrances to the reception having to be altered. Other than that it was a gorgeous day. I couldn’t have been more thrilled to be a part of it! I’ll get to see this whole crew again this weekend for my cousins wedding… and AGAIN in the spring when it’s Samuel and Jessica’s turn! I can’t wait!

Thank you Carrie and William! You guys made this journey so much fun! XOXO

A few weeks before the wedding we did Carrie’s Bridals at Hewick Plantation in Urbanna! Everyone knows bridals are my favorite thing!! Carrie was stunning and this location only made her more beautiful!

Back to the wedding….

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