Sydney & Tony Married | An East Beach Bayfront Club, Norfolk VA Wedding


October 14, 2019

I’m not much a beach person.  We’re more mountain than sand… We went to the beach once this summer for a grand total of two days.  It was a hot, brutal summer and the thought of sizzling on the beach did NOT appeal to me.  When I did go back to the beach, it was for this awesome couple and it was in September.  After the heat wave we had, going in the fall was the PERFECT time.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day! 

I fell in love with Sydney and Tony!  They are the cutest, happiest couple!  Sydney is bubbly and loves to laugh!  Tony sits back and watches her shine.  I watched him often – looking at Sydney, with that look of total love.  

Photography on the beach can be tricky!  We had a plan laid out long before the wedding day that we realized day of we needed to trash.  Sydney and Tony were such sports going with the flow.  I was so grateful for their trust!  It couldn’t have turned out better!  Going through their pictures I love the fact that most of Sydney’s smiles are actually laughs!  I can hear her in every picture.  

Tony and Sydney’s families were amazing.  I saw right away where Sydney got her flair for life… scrolling through these I think you’ll see it, too 😉  Everyone was so kind and encouraging.  It’s just another reason I love this gig so so much!

Sydney and Tony, thank you so much for asking me to be a part of such an amazing day!  We HAVE to make sure this isn’t the last time we work together! 😉


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