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March 7, 2016

Hey friends! Thank goodness warmer weather is on the horizon! With that comes ideas, plans, and hopes to get outside and in some cases, plan those photography sessions! Last week we talked about wardrobe. It’s the most common question I get asked. Another big question I get is “Where should we do them?”.
It seems a simple enough question, especially around here, but it can prove more complicated than you think! There are tons of places in the NNK that are gorgeous. The problem is that most of them are private. It may sound snotty, but I consider myself a professional and being such, I won’t tresspass on to property with out permission. As is the case with most things, it’s all about who you know. If you see sessions on property you know is private property it’s likely because my cleint knows the owners and got special permission. There are a few places that allow photography… for a fee. A few such places are The Mary Ball Washington Museum in Lancaster, Mt. Airy in Warsaw, and Stratford Hall. The Mary Ball Washington Museum in Lancaster is great, and I use it a lot. They require an annual fee that I am more than happy to pay for the amount of use I get out it. Plus it is diverse in scenery. I also love the idea of supporting this area’s rich historical upkeep.
Mt. Airy and Stratford Hall are quite a bit more expensive. They require “per use” fees so I only suggest these locations for bridals or perhaps engagement sessions.
If you don’t mind traveling, Williamsburg, Yorktown, Gloucester, and Richmond have wonderful options for locations!
Crump Park in Richmond is a homstead farm that is still functional. It offers lots of rustic elements and a variety backgrounds for a diverse session, and it’s free.
Williamsburg needs no introduction! Some places are off limits to non patrons, but again, if you know someone, anything is possible. Along with Colonial Williamsburg, The College of William and Mary is amazing, and is free.
Yorktown is pretty similar to Williamsburg. It’s a bit closer and along with the Colonial buldings, you are within walking distance to the beach, again.. free!
Now if you would rather stay close to home the Tides Inn, The Dog and Oyster Vineyard, Indian Creek, and The Kilmarnock Inn have gorgeous landscapes. Again, and I know I am repeating myself, you need permission before using their property for sessions. As long as events aren’t taking place, they are all usually very cooperative and happy to oblige with no charge.
I realize that a lot of these samples are engagement, bridal, and wedding photos. I have used all of them for family and child sessions so I know my way around them.
Another consideration to make is having your session on your own property or one of a family member. There is a lot to be said for sentimental value. Places you spent your childhood and places you have happy memories. Don’t discount your property because it isn’t flowing with flowers and waterfront. Your home is a reflection of your style. Sometimes the very place you live is the best place to represent your family. The focus of your session isn’t the place you are… but the people in them. I also mean that literally. My style of photography has my subjects in focus and that backround out of focus so the subject pops.
Don’t stress to heavily on this. Pick a location based on how it makes you FEEL. When you look at the pictures you will have that same feeling and your images will mean more to you.


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