The Stamm Family | A NNK Family Session


April 4, 2016

Things have been a little quiet over here at APP…My kids were on spring break last week. Couple that with INSANE amount of candy they got for Easter and they were off the walls cray! It made me aware that summer is right around the corner and this is going to be my normal for those 3 months they are home. They boys are getting older… J will be 7 in a couple of weeks and Wren is almost 4. Logan will be TWELVE in July… and I can’t even wrap my mind around that. I feel like I am still 23 – although when I look in the mirror I am quickly reminded that I am in fact not that young anymore. Because I got married so young, and had Logan pretty quickly afterward, I find myself with kids in the same age group as people my sister graduated with 5 years before me. Amy’s dad and mine were police officers together while we were growing up. During this session we talked about how we couldn’t believe our kids were as old as they are. You hear your parents drone on and on about blinking and 10 years have gone by… you never believe it until it happens. This lady is a power house! A school principal in Williamsburg with two awesome boys and a hard working husband. She was so excited for this session as it had been a long time since they had family photos done. These boys! They were so polite and friendly! What an awesome job they are doing with them! I mean, I know my oldest is great… but he would gawk in a heart beat if I asked him to hug me for a picture… LOL… but this family is tight… and I could see that right away! It’s no wonder she wanted these on canvases and has them all over her house now! She’s gonna blink and they are going to be off in college… but she will always have these images from this time in their lives and I know that makes her happy. It makes me overjoyed to give them to her! It’s why I do what I do!
Thank you so much Amy for asking me to spend some time with your precious family! XOXO

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