Lauren | A Fredericksburg Headshot Session


April 22, 2016

Have you ever read one of those rags to riches stories and thought how awesome it would be to know a person like that or better yet BE a person like that? I had the opportunity to meet Lauren last week and let me tell you… she is probably one of the most encouraging, genuine people I know. She has an amazing story of having next to nothing to now being a top earner in this region for Rodan + Fields. The session was not what I was expecting. I will be honest… knowing I was going to be working with someone in sales, I was expecting to be “pitched” to the whole time. I had prepared myself for it. But this woman was more interested in getting to know ME. She asked questions about my business and my life and in no way tried to sell me on what she does. I felt like I was meeting up with an old friend and it was so refreshing to be proven wrong.
For someone in the limelight a lot of the time now, she has never had professional pictures taken! She told me she has been using an iphone picture for all of her needs in her business. Some of the girls in her group got together and told her it was time! They gave her a day of pampering followed up with some time with me! HAHA I am not saying I am some icing on the cake… but she got these gorgeous images at the end of it all – and not gorgeous because I took them – gorgeous because SHE was subject. She looked amazing and we really got her fabulous personality to shine.
Thank you Kristen for setting all of this up! I really feel like I got to meet and get to know someone special with Lauren and it takes a special friend/sister-in-law to know a person well enough to push them a little out of their comfort zone knowing it will make them happier in the long run!

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