Jaclyn & Nick Married! | An Alturia Farm Wedding


November 13, 2017

When I was thinking of how to start this post, I almost typed “What can I say about these two?”  I stopped because I immediately thought, nope, that’s way too Yearbookish… but the more I thought about it, the more I feel it could be appropriate exactly for that reason.  When I see these two, I see a yearbook full of heartfilled messages about special they are, fun to be with, and whose overall presence made things better.  There were loads of friends and family present this day and each person’s smile held it’s own special message, memory, and hope for the future.

It was overcast and the threat of rain lingered the whole day.  Did it matter?  Nope.  Even if it had poured their day would have been amazing.  I still think back to this day and think about the laughter and pure joy from Jaclyn and Nick, their amazing bridal party, and family and friends.  There were times during the day where the mixture of all their personalties shone and I felt such a connection.  To Nick’s brother, who apparently true to form, dropped their rings when handing them to the officiant during the ceremony, when the bus hit the sign and broke it off it’s hinge – and the guys wanted a picture under it because it was hysterical.  When the toasts were given and the whole barn roared with laughter.  I loved every minute.

Jaclyn and Nick, thank you both so much for having me be a part of your amazing day.  If every smile equalled a year of happiness for the two of you, you have lifetimes of joy ahead of you! XOXO

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