Becca & Cullen Married! | A Fredericksburg Square Wedding


November 13, 2019

I’m not really sure where to start this blog. I didn’t know Becca when we first spoke and she booked me for her wedding. It was about this time last year, or a little earlier, and she booked the date with knowledge that all the plans she was making COULD be put on hold as the potential for deployment loomed in the near future. Sure enough, I got an email early in 2019 stating just that. Everything came to a screaching hault. I thought for sure I wouldn’t hear from her again. Not because their relationship would end, but the complexities of moving so many moving parts is astounding. When I did get another email from her with a new date I was elated! I was free, and things swept into motion again!

Becca was a guest at another wedding I photographed this past summer. She came and introduced herself and I was awful. LOL. Totally preoccupied by what was going on and the job I was trying to do. It was the wedding that was SUPA HOT and I was worried for the bride and groom. Full of grace that she is, she forgave me. We met up for her bridals and she took my breath away. This beautiful soul. Indise and out. She was glowing. I don’t think I have mentioned yet that Becca has one of the BEST personalities I have EVER encountered! We hit it off right away! Her sharp whit bounced off my sarcasm perfectly!

The time came for her wedding and I watched this amazing couple share an equally amazing day. Perfect weather, perfect bridal party, perfect location. They had a HUGE bridal party. I’ve seen it joked about on facebook saying “I don’t even know 20 people, much less have that many in my bridal party” That is what instantly went through my mind. But you know that awesome personality I was telling you about? Yeah, it totally made sense to me that these two had THIS many attendants! They are fully and completely loved by everyone they meet!

I said before that Becca is gracious… every time she’s seen an image I’ve taken of her or her wedding she showers that grace on me. How lucky and priviledged am I to receive that kind of love! I totally won the lottery with this bride!

Becca and Cullin, I can’t thank you enough for picking me to photograph your wedding. I almost feel bad for the other photographers that could have had you… They missed out in a major way… but I’m going to take this “win” and roll with because in you guys, I found something special! I truly hope this isn’t the last we see of eachother!


  1. Sylvia Lynn Coates

    November 13th, 2019 at 9:51 pm

    Beautiful wedding! We had a wonderful evening and wish you both many years of happiness. Love to you both.

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