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February 25, 2016

You’ve heard me say before it’s my “off” season. Anne-Sophie, one of my ROCKIN photographer friends approached me with an idea for a Winter Themed Shoot. Our styles always reflect that bright, sun flared, warm, snuggly light. Winter has some of the best light but the feel of the season is darker. We really wanted to do something that embraced that. I had no intention of sharing these images on my blog for the very reason I just stated. I don’t want to give my clients or potential clients the wrong idea of my style of work but I was really surprised by all the questions I’ve gotten from people who saw these images on Facebook. Firstly because people actually SAW the images. Sometimes it feels like I put my work out there in the universe and it gets lost… So I was excited people even saw them! Secondly because they actually noticed how different it was! That was REALLY cool. So not only do people see, they know!
I have to give all credit of the creation of this to Anne-Sophie. It was truly her vision. She took it and ran with it. We wanted to incorporate local businesses so we had props from Party Line, jewelry from Burkes Fine Jewelers, makeup from Jennifer Bishop at Merle Norman, and florals from the Wild Bunch. Originally when we were planning this, it was going to be outside… to really reflect the barrenness of the season. That weekend happened to be the one where it was like 2 degrees outside and the wind was CA-RAZY. At the last minute we moved it inside and that changed the tone of the whole thing. I embraced it as an opportunity to work on my flash skills. Natural Light Photography and Flash Photography are as different as night and day. When you’re outside you control your camera based on the light that is available. You can control the placement of the model but you can’t control the amount of light the sun is giving. You can add and subrtract elements that effect its’ harshness but whatever light is there, is it. When working with a flash you control the camera and the light. They work together. You have to know how to manipulate that light. Honestly, the only time I try and use a flash is during receptions – and even then it is TOTALLY different than what I was doing for this session. Illuminating a single person or small group is different than trying to light a whole room.
Most people that asked me about this session were confused as to what it was for. Well, the answer is… it was just for fun 🙂 Dark colors, and dramatic attire and makeup.
We tried to go outside at the end… but it was way too cold to get a lot done. The following weekend, when it was 60 and gorgeous, we got one of the models back and brought in some of the props that didn’t get to be used and just played around. I was back in my comfort zone and loved the outcome!
I don’t want to be a one trick pony. I love this art form and I really have a desire to have a working knowledge of the many different forms it can take. This isn’t stellar work. I am sure if I were to show it to photographers that specialize in studio lighting they would have A LOT to say… and it wouldn’t be great… lol… but it was an amazing experience. I had been reading up a lot on how to make this style of photography work, and I was pretty pleased with the outcome…. for a serious first try at it.
So yeah, there ya go! Nothing too profound here… just a few girls getting together and taking an afternoon to try something different when there was nothing at stake!
With all that being said… I am beyond ready for spring. Bring on those longer, warmer days… bring on the flowers and greens… bring on the barbecues and days at the beach… bring on the SUN and some much needed Vitamin D… and bring on those spring family/child/senior/and couple’s sessions OUTSIDE!!


  1. Donna McGrath

    February 25th, 2016 at 11:37 pm

    Ashley these are amazing! The colors, the lighting, the personalities of the ladies – bravo :).
    I have to say, although I love them all, my favorite is the black and white of the young lady in the red satin dress, sitting sideways with the glass of wine…just something about this one speaks to me. I also am partial to the last one of Jessica.
    Job well done!

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